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IIoT World’s Smart Cities Day

One of a Kind Virtual Conference Series


Jun 16, 2021


Why you should join IIOT World’s Smart Cities Day 2021

IIoT World’s Smart Cities Day will focus on the changing infrastructure landscape in 2021 and beyond.

Event Format: 55-minute live sessions on topics focused on Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, and Mobility. All tracks will be live (no pre-recorded sessions).

The event is on June 16, 2021.


Top five reasons to attend IIOT World’s Smart Cities Day 2021

1. In-house expertise: We gather brilliant minds at the conference, with strong speakers that will provide you with priceless knowledge gained from their own experience and real-life case studies.

2. Pick your sessions: IIoT World’s Smart Cities Day provides you with a diverse array of sessions to choose from, all focused on smart cities/smart buildings/smart infrastructure and mobility.

3. Crash course: Gain a wealth of information about issues impacting smart cities in a single day in this ultimate crash course.

4. Convenience: Take advantage of the convenience of online education – a one-day virtual conference streaming from different countries across the world, from your home or office.

5. All the hottest topics: Receive only the most up-to-date information on smart cities – all the hottest trends, lessons learned, best practices, case studies, etc.