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Clark Wiedetz

Chief Sales Officer


We want to positively impact the environment for our children and believe that GreenStruxure, Huck Capital and Schneider Electric are positioned and motivated to do this better than anyone.”

Clark has been in the energy business for over 22 years working in market segments including Commercial/Industrial, Higher Ed, Healthcare, Utilities and the Federal Government. His passion is to be a leader in the clean tech space and drive onsite generation spearheaded by renewable energy to help organizations reduce their GhG emissions and increase reliability. Clark is on the board of the Georgia Tech Energy and Environmental Management Committee and has a BSME from Georgia Institute of Technology.

About GreenStruxure:

GreenStruxure, a joint venture bringing together Schneider Electric’s industry leading expertise in renewable energy microgrids and Huck Capital’s sustainability-focused investments, launched in September 2020 to deliver modular, standardized Energy as a Service solutions to commercial, industrial and governmental medium-sized buildings in the U.S.

GreenStruxure is simplifying and accelerating the market adoption of renewable energy microgrids, offering an innovative outcome-based alternative for building owners and operators who want sustainable, cost-effective, resilient, onsite energy delivered to them hassle-free as a service with no upfront capital expenses or operational risks.


Clark Wiedetz Sessions