Lucia Bellocchio



Founder of Trend Smart Cities, a consulting agency on smart cities for companies, the public sector and multilateral organizations.
Director of the Diploma Program in Smart Cities of the School of Government, Politics and International Affairs at Universidad Austral (Argentina).
Coordinator at the Laboratory of Innovation and Artificial Intelligence of Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA).

Live Session

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Urban Mobility: Trends, Players & Sustainable Solutions for Cities

Automobile sales are expected to reach 125 million by 2025, with more than half forecasted to be bought in cities. Today’s 1.2 billion strong global car fleet could double by 2030. (1) The existing urban infrastructure cannot support such an increase in vehicles on the road. Solving the mobility challenge will require bold, coordinated actions from the private and public sectors. The speed and extent of the mobility transformation will differ.

In this panel, our guests will focus on urban mobility, covering some of the following topics:

• Global communication trends for mobility including detailed market forecasts, revenue drivers, and expected spending by region
• Companies and emerging trends to watch in the segmented IoT space
• Chips, switches and trends for Wi-FI 6 technology and its role in smart infrastructure
• The future of mobility with connected vehicle data & new trends in urban governance and sustainable mobility
• How city planners can use connected vehicle data to create smarter, safer and more accessible cities

This panel is sponsored by Wejo, the leader in connected vehicle data, with over 10 million cars sending 14 billion data points a day to its cloud — equating to more than twice as many Wejo data points than Google searches in a day. This data then enables cities to reduce congestion and accidents, construction firms to know where to build and retailers to understand their customers. For the everyday person? The data enables us to move faster, produce fewer emissions, drive more safely and ultimately save time, money and the environment.

1. Joyce Dargay, Dermot Gately, and Martin Sommer, “Vehicle ownership and income growth, worldwide: 1960–2030,” Energy Journal, Volume 28, Number 4, 2007, pp. 143–70.